by Anthony Dones


From DSLR’s to 4k digital camera packages, we offer the ability to light and shoot according to a wide pallet of looks and styles to best match your needs. Our knowledge of contrast ratios, dynamic range, color temperature, lighting tools and techniques are utilized to bring forth stunning visuals.


Script breakdowns, lighting charts, storyboards, location scouting, equipment prep, pre-light, art direction and more.


From high end couture, commercial and artistic photography to family and actor portraits, we offer premium photography at competitive rates.


Need a director? We have experience directing music videos, feature films and commercial work of all budgets and sizes.


Editing, sound mixing, color grading, color correction, upscaling, downscaling, prefabricated animations, graphics, conversions, audio mixing, syncing, transcoding, conforming, rendering for blu-ray, web and HD archiving.

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Email Nancy @ [email protected]

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